Addiction and Recovery Therapy

Rona Okin, LCSW · Psychotherapist · NYC


What is addiction?
Addiction can be defined as uncontrollable, compulsive drug seeking and use, even in the face of negative health and social consequences. Perhaps you or someone you care about are dealing with recovery from:

  • alcohol addiction
  • heroin addiction
  • cocaine addiction
  • methamphetamine addiction
  • marijuana addiction
  • nicotine addiction

The word “addiction” has also been applied to areas other than drug or substance abuse, such as love addiction (or addiction to a person), gambling addiction, sugar addiction, addiction to anger, and even addiction to computers, the internet and video games.

People use substances and addictive behaviors in order to create a change in their emotional feeling state. William Fleeman, author of Pathways to Peace, says that quite often people are trying to change a feeling of powerlessness into a feeling of power. However, over time the “cure” can take on a life of its own to the point that the person with the addiction finds their life spinning out of control. Addiction is then “driving the bus”.

If this describes you or your loved one, I want to help.

Psychotherapy for Addictions in NYC: How I Can Help
By participating in therapy over time you are making a commitment to your recovery from addiction. The counseling process is a place to get support and to hold yourself accountable for truly caring for yourself by getting help. I frequently work with people in recovery who are — at the same time — participating in 12-Step and other chemical dependency recovery or support groups. If you require additional help or services (such as medical detox) I can help you get connected.

I will encourage and support you as you work your way free of substance abuse and maladaptive behaviors that threaten to steal your life and your sanity. I truly value the opportunity to work with you to realize your goal of a better life.

You’ve taken your first step – Now take a step to help yourself keep moving forward. By coming to see me for psychotherapy on a regular basis your recovery process can develop a healing momentum that will help you progress. I can help you develop new coping skills and maintain the ground you gain.


“Directions to recovery: Just go straight to hell
and make a U-turn.”


Take Action – Call 212-734-6546
Once you’ve decided to make that “U-Turn” give me a call to schedule a time to meet at my therapy office on New York City’s Upper East Side. There is hope and help for these tough issues of addiction. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your journey.