Conflict Resolution

Rona Okin, LCSW · Psychotherapist · NYC

Stuck in Conflict?
Differences of opinion, personality styles, power, status and differing values can contribute to what may feel like never-ending patterns of conflict at home and in the workplace. Sometimes after people have been steeped in a cycle of conflict for a protracted amount of time they may even lose track of the original stimulus for the problem and become mired in side issues and hidden as well as not-so-hidden agendas. The whole situation can feel out-of-control and hopeless.

Conflict resolution is defined as: “A range of processes aimed at alleviating or eliminating sources of conflict. The term ‘conflict resolution’ is sometimes used interchangeably with the term dispute resolution or alternative dispute resolution. Processes of conflict resolution generally include negotiation, mediation and diplomacy.” (Wikipedia).

My conflict resolution services are available to help soothe and bring peace to interpersonal relationships between individuals, family members, business associates, and in the small business workplace. You can visit me or I will come to your office if preferred. We’ll begin by identifying the situations, issues, problems and sources of conflict you’re facing. I will bring to bear the constructive problem-solving skills and strategies necessary to negotiate win-win outcomes and achieve clearer communications among all parties or “stakeholders” in the situation.

Some of the aspects of the conflict resolution and problem solving process include:

  • Motivation to solve the problem(s). Who is and is not invested in finding a solution? If not invested, can that be turned around?
  • Developing a perspective on the “bigger picture” and the needs of all parties involved
  • Finding fairness – Discovering where each person stands and what they are willing to negotiate
  • Using positive, respectful and assertive communication to set the stage for agreement
  • Learning how to avoid “hitting the wall” by dropping defensiveness and the tendency to take things too personally
  • Using elements of active listening to help all parties feel and be heard

Conflict Resolution in NYC: How I Can Help
Whether you’re dealing with a friend, family member, neighbor or conflict at the office, I have the skills, strategies and techniques to help you move from conflict and disputes to resolution and peace. I can be your mediator and guide, step-by-step, through the process. I can help even if you’re the only one willing to seek help.

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