Stress Management

Rona Okin, LCSW · Psychotherapist · NYC

“But I can’t relax!”

Stress can become a vicious cycle without the stress management techniques needed to tame it. Experience a stressful event, our baseline stress increases — and if this becomes habitual we can even begin to feel stressed out about being stressed.

While stress management courses, seminars, workshops and programs are valuable, many people discover that speaking their truth and being truly heard, respected, and validated in psychotherapy can bring a tremendous sense of relief from stress.

Coming to therapy can allow you to relax and unburden yourself and gain a fresh mindset so that you can open up to learning new coping strategies. I will support you as you discover and implement stress management approaches like:

  • time management
  • anger management
  • deep breathing
  • improving coping strategies
  • developing a more positive mindset
  • sleep hygiene
  • balanced life approaches
  • dealing with burnout
  • anxiety reduction
  • using guided imagery and music to reduce stress
  • managing work stress
  • mindfulness
  • relaxation techniques
  • changing your physiology
  • work-life balance

Through the process of talking together about what is currently going on in your life (as well as any old stress “baggage” you’re carrying from the past) we’ll begin to spot patterns which can give us valuable information about the causes of your stress and what it will take to feel better. Of course, simply knowing is not enough. Changes in thinking, behavior and attitudes are necessary to complete the circuit.

Therapy can be the safe space where you come to hold yourself accountable for achieving the goals for growth you set for yourself. Simply having a plan and a partner on the journey can immediately serve to help de-escalate your stress.

Stress Management Therapy in NYC: How I Can Help
I have the training and experience to listen sensitively as a witness to your life and I can serve as an empathic sounding board for your concerns. Together we’ll make a plan to help you reduce your stress and worries and begin living more confidently and with more joy and happiness. Life’s too short to spend it feeling overwhelmed and unsupported.

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